PHYSMonday, August 18, 2008

8:00 PM-10:00 PM Pennsylvania Convention Center -- Hall C, Sci-Mix
Organizer:Laurie J. Butler
 Observation of ultrafast excited-state structural dynamics of GFP with femtosecond stimulated Raman
Chong Fang, Rosalie Tran, Renee Frontiera, Richard A. Mathies
 Velocity map imaging and natural orbital analysis of radical dissociation barrier heights
Britni Ratliff, Xiaonan Tang, Ethan Alguire, Laurie J. Butler
 Decreasing the band gap: Highly polarized oxides for solar conversion
Joseph W. Bennett, Ilya Grinberg, Andrew M. Rappe
 Diblock copolymer based nanoscale assembly of proteins and their activity study
Omkar Parajuli, Abhishek Gupta, Nitin Kumar, Jong-In Hahm
 Infrared studies and temperature effects of hydrated alkali metal ion—crown ether systems
Jason D. Rodriguez, James M. Lisy
 Modeling copper(II) ion-water interaction using a reactive force field
Obaidur Rahaman, Douglas J. Doren, Adri CT. van Duin
 Multiple aromaticity, conflicting aromaticity, and multiple antiaromaticity in transition-metal systems
Boris B. Averkiev, Dmitry Yu. Zubarev, Hua Jin Zhai, Lai-Sheng Wang, Alexander I. Boldyrev
 Amplitude and time scale of interdomain motions in calmodulin from molecular simulations
Giacomo Fiorin, Paolo Carloni
 An approach to modeling interlocked macromolecular complexes
Joseph P Angelo Jr., Karl Sohlberg
 Characterization of the solution structures of β-amyloid peptides associated with Alzheimer's disease
Gretchen E. Keller, Jay R. Winkler, Harry B. Gray
 Combination bands (ν1n) of the HOOO and DOOO radicals
Erika L Derro, Timothy D. Sechler, Craig Murray, Marsha I. Lester
 Computational design and unfolding molecular dynamics of zinc binding domain
Seung-Gu Kang, Jia Tang, Feng Gai, Jeffery G Saven
 Computer simulation model of lipid bilayers at large length scales
Lutz Maibaum, Phillip L. Geissler
 Controlled release of drugs in electrospun polycaprolactone membranes
Shifeng Han, Fen Wan, Benjamin S. Hsiao, Benjamin Chu
 Environment-assisted coherent energy transfer in photosynthetic complexes
Masoud Mohseni, Patrick Rebentrost, Seth Lloyd, Ivan Kassal, Alán Aspuru-Guzik
 Growth histories of late Pleistocene and Holocene stalagmites from Cape Range, western Australia
Kristyn J. Rodzinyak, Rhawn F. Denniston, Yemane Asmerom, Karl-Heinz Wyrwoll, WF. Humpreys
 Identification of unique zeolitic cesium sites by using 133Cs MAS NMR
Claire R. Fleeger, David E. W. Vaughan, Karl T. Mueller
 Infrared spectra of Na+(APE)(H2O)n
Amy L. Nicely, James M. Lisy
 Linear and time-resolved vibrational spectroscopy of biomimetic catalysts for hydrogen production
Casey Kohnhorst, Elizabeth Rakowski, Christopher J. Stromberg, Edwin J. Heilweil
 Multiphase flow through microchannels
Melissa A. Yaklin, Carlton F. Brooks, Raymond O. Cote, Alicia R. Aragon, Yihong Liu, Laura Pyrak-Nolte, Chad E. Knutson, Ken S. Chen, David R. Noble
 Novel powerful reversible cationic “super” photoacids
Michael A. Salvitti, Kyril M Solntsev, Alexander Popov, Laren M. Tolbert
 Optical properties of ZnO- organic-inorganic nanocomposite thin films
Alexandra Turner, Temer S. Ahmadi
 Single-molecule study of the conformational dynamics of the M2 proton channel
Julie M. Glasscock, Alexei Polishchuk, Pramit Chowdhury, Lin Guo, William F DeGrado, Feng Gai
 Solid-state NMR and DFT computations in the analysis of molecular cocrystals
Mark Strohmeier, Fred G. Vogt, Jacalyn S Clawson
 Three-in-one nanocomposite in magnetic resonance imaging, luminescence imaging, and photodynamic therapy
Chih-Wei Lai, Yu-Chun Chen, Pi Tai Chou

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The 236th ACS National Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, August 17-21, 2008