PHYSMonday, August 18, 2008

8:00 AM-12:20 PM Loews -- Commonwealth B, Oral
Spectroscopic Probes of Chemical Dynamics in Gaseous and Condensed Phases
Condensed Phase
Organizers:Mark A. Johnson
Steven A. Corcelli
Presiding:Poul B. Petersen
8:00 AMUltrafast dynamics of different redox flavins in solution and in proteins
Dongping Zhong, Lijuan Wang
8:20 AMMolecular dynamics simulations of solvation dynamics at biological interfaces
Kristina E. Furse, Steven A. Corcelli
8:40 AMElectron transfer and excitation transport to interfaces in a photovoltaic polymer blend observed with ultrafast vibrational spectroscopy
John B. Asbury, Ryan D. Pensack, Larry W Barbour
9:20 AMWatching vibrational energy with high time and space resolution
Dana D. Dlott, Zhaohui Wang, Jeffrey A. Carter
10:00 AMIntermission
10:20 AMProbing the relationship between dynamics in liquids and on liquid surfaces through multidimensional spectroscopy
Richard M. Stratt
11:00 AMPolymer dynamics probed by electric force microscopy
Roger F. Loring, Showkat M. Yazdanian, Seppe Kuehn, John A. Marohn
11:40 AMMalononitriles as windows for solvent structure and friction
Chet Swalina, Hui Jin, Sergei Arzhantzev, Mark Maroncelli
12:00 PMStudies of photoinduced structural dynamics using time-resolved electron diffraction and transient optical absorption
Jau Tang, Ping Yu, Sheng Hsien Lin

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The 236th ACS National Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, August 17-21, 2008