PHYSWednesday, August 20, 2008

1:10 PM-6:00 PM Loews -- Commonwealth C, Oral
Fundamental Advances in Contemporary NMR Spectroscopy
ACS HIST Award for Paul Lauterbur
Organizers:Lucio Frydman
Mei Hong
Presiding:Clare P. Grey
1:10 PMACS Division of History of Chemistry Citation for Chemical Breakthrough Award, to SUNY at Stony Brook for P. C. Lauterbur's 1973 publication on the invention of magnetic resonance imaging
1:20 PMZeugmatography today: Solid state MR imaging and spectroscopy of bone
Jerome L. Ackerman, Yaotang Wu, Melvin J. Glimcher, Haihui Cao, Lila Graham, Gyunggoo Cho
2:00 PMNovel applications and signal enhancement methods for detecting intermolecular multiple quantum coherences in magnetic resonance
Warren S. Warren
2:40 PMMultiscale magnetic resonance imaging of tissue architecture and function
Felix W. Wehrli
3:20 PMIntermission
3:40 PMZeumatograms to cellular MRI
Joseph A. Frank
4:20 PM23Na and CEST MRI for assessing osteoarthritis and disc disorders
Alexej Jerschow, Wen Ling, Gil Navon, Ravinder R. Regatte
5:00 PMHigh-resolution imaging of hydrogenation reactions in the gas phase
Louis-S. Bouchard, Scott R. Burt, M. Sabieh Anwar, Kirill V. Kovtunov, Igor V. Koptyug, Alex Pines
5:40 PMNovel magnetic resonance imaging contrast stemming from local resonance frequency variation generated by intermolecular multiple quantum coherences
Jing Song, Warren S. Warren

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The 236th ACS National Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, August 17-21, 2008