PHYSSunday, August 17, 2008

1:20 PM-5:40 PM Loews -- Commonwealth C, Oral
Fundamental Advances in Contemporary NMR Spectroscopy
Magnetic Resonance in Materials Science
Organizers:Lucio Frydman
Mei Hong
Presiding:Bradley F. Chmelka
1:20 PMRelating local structure to function: Solid state NMR studies of anion sequestration and lithium ion batteries
Paul Sideris, Baris Key, Dongli Zeng, Rangeet Bhattacharyya, Jordi Cabana, Clare P. Grey
2:00 PMNMR investigations of silicate dissolution
Michael C Davis, William J. Brouwer, Lawrence M. Anovitz, David J. Wesolowski, Susan L. Brantley, Karl T. Mueller
2:20 PMChemical shift correlation NMR spectroscopy with indirect detection in fast rotating solids: Studies of organic-inorganic hybrid materials
Marek Pruski, Kanmi Mao, Jerzy W. Wiench, Charles E. Bronnimann
3:00 PMIntermission
3:20 PMSurfaces studies by solid-state NMR coupled with IGC and computational chemistry
Karl T. Mueller, Michael C Davis, Rebecca A. Golombeck, Rebecca L. Sanders, Nancy M. Washton, Carlo G. Pantano, Robert Schaut, Victor Bakaev
4:00 PMCharacterization of metal tetrahydroborate systems by high resolution multinuclear solid state NMR
Son-Jong Hwang, Chul Kim, Robert Bowman, Joseph Reiter, Jason Zan, Justin Purewal
4:20 PMSolid-state 35Cl, 47/49Ti and 91Zr NMR of metallocenes important in heterogeneous catalysis
Aaron J. Rossini, Ryan W. Mills, Ivan Hung, Graham A. Briscoe, Robert W. Schurko
5:00 PMNMR study of electrolyte materials for solid oxide fuel cells: Yttrium doped barium zirconate
Lucienne Buannic, Leslie Holmes, Clare P. Grey
5:20 PMAluminum-27 and silicon-29 NMR studies of the impact of tank waste leachates on Hanford sediment samples
Caleb Strepka, Sunkyung Choi, Aaron Thompson, Jon Chorover, Peggy A. O'Day, Karl T. Mueller

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The 236th ACS National Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, August 17-21, 2008