WCCMonday, August 18, 2008

2:30 PM-4:30 PM Pennsylvania Convention Center -- Hall C, Poster
The Merck Index Women in Chemistry
Organizer, Presiding:Maryadele J. O'Neil
Assembly of organic polymers using an oligonucleic acid template
Lauren A. Martini
New methodologies toward the generation of sultam libraries
Kelly Volp, Alan Rolfe, Kyle Young, Paul R. Hanson
Iododimethyltyrosine: A building block for mu-opioid receptor-selective peptides
Alison D. Oostendorp, Yu Lu, Emily Fergason, Galina Toneva, Fabio Gallazzi, Susan Z. Lever, John R. Lever
Amidoglycosylations of D-glucal 3-carbamates via Pd(II)-Pd(IV) catalysis
Lindsay M. Repka
Aza-Morita-Baylis-Hillman reaction of activated 1,3-butadienes with aldimines
Kristen N. Clary
Efficient synthesis of α-fluorovinyl sulfones via Julia olefination
Maggie He, Arun Ghosh, Barbara Zajc
Preparation and characterization spiro-benzoisothiazole-pyrazoles, spiro-benzoisothiazole-isoxazoles, and pyrazole-benzenesulfonamides from dilithiated hydrazones or dilithiated oximes with methyl 2-(aminosulfonyl)benzoate
Anna C. Dawsey, Charles F. Beam, John D. Knight, Clyde Metz, William T. Pennington Jr.
Synthetic studies towards (+)-Angelmarin: A natural product targeting pancreatic cancer
Christina M Woo, Joyce Ngai, Dora Carrico-Moniz
Ruthenium-containing heterobimetallic complexes as electrocatalysts for the oxidation of ethanol
Casie R. Hilliard, Marie Correia, Lisa McElwee-White
Scanning of GHRP-6 with aza-amino acids
Caroline Proulx, Damien Boeglin, William D. Lubell

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The 236th ACS National Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, August 17-21, 2008