PHYSSunday, August 17, 2008

8:00 AM-12:05 PM Loews -- Commonwealth D, Oral
Protein Folding Dynamics: Experiment and Theory
Organizer:Feng Gai
Organizer, Presiding:Angel E. Garcia
8:00 AMIntroductory Remarks
8:05 AMFolding dynamics with a physics-based coarse-grained united–residue (UNRES) force field
Adam Liwo, Stanislaw Oldziej, Cezary Czaplewski, Rajesh K. Murarka, Ana Rojas, Gia Maisuradze, Harold A. Scheraga
8:45 AMPrediction of protein functional states by multiresolution protein modeling
Cecilia Clementi
9:25 AMUsing the folding process to improve homology-free protein structure prediction
Tobin R. Sosnick, Joe DeBartolo, Andrés Colubri, Abhishek Jha, Karl F. Freed
10:05 AMIntermission
10:25 AMRe-examination of the role of the hydrophobic effect in protein folding and stability: Clusters of branched aliphatic side chains are key components of folding intermediates
Robert C Matthews
11:05 AMWhen folding is coupled to binding: How do we tell which comes first?
Terrence G. Oas
11:45 AMExperimental resolution of the early events in the folding of B domain of Protein A
Dung M. Vu, Scott H. Brewer, Satoshi Sato, Alan R. Fersht, R. Brian Dyer

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The 236th ACS National Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, August 17-21, 2008