Cold fusion in light of green chemistry


Jan Marwan,, Research and Development, Dr Marwan Chemie, Rudower Chaussee 29, Berlin, 12489, Germany
The goal of the field is directed toward the fabrication of so called "cold fusion" devices with unique commercial potential, demonstrating an alternative energy source that does not produce greenhouse gases, long-lived radiation or strong gamma radiation. The idea of cold fusion has led to endless discussions about the kinetic impossibility of intense nuclear reactions with high coulomb barrier potential. However, recent theoretical work may soon shed light on this mystery. Understanding this process is one of the most challenging and perhaps important issues in the scientific world. This review includes previously unpublished studies, new and controversial theories to approach cold fusion with access to new sources and experimental results. The presentation offers insight into this controversial subject and will help the audience re-evaluate their perspective on cold fusion for a possible alternative energy source.