Reinvigorating the chemistry curriculum with Fourier-Transform Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (FT-NMR) spectroscopy


Mayra Pagan-Ortiz, and Luis C. Fernández. Department of Chemistry, University of Puerto Rico at Cayey, 205 Antonio R. Barceló Avenue, Cayey, PR 00736-9997
This project aims to integrate FT-NMR spectroscopy across the chemistry curriculum at the University of Puerto Rico at Cayey (UPRC) in order to continue our educational goal of providing research experiences and engage the chemistry major and non-major students in high order reasoning and meaningful laboratory experiences. An Anasazi 60 MHz FT-NMR instrument was acquired in order to incorporate research-based pedagogy in the chemistry curriculum.

The project includes both enhancing student learning by adapting and implementing lab experiences that are not currently performed in our courses based on an investigative approach and the hands-on use of instrumentation across the chemistry curriculum. By combining these two strategies we expect to transform our students from passive receivers of information to inquirers. Results from the outcome evaluation model will be incorporated to the science education knowledge base.

We will describe the adaptations and incorporation of experiments to our laboratory courses. To assess the cognitive and science skills, pre- and post- tests will be used and students' attitudes will be assessed using Student Assessment of Learning Gain (SALG), and the focus group strategy.


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