Ruthenium-containing heterobimetallic complexes as electrocatalysts for the oxidation of ethanol

WCC 16

Casie R. Hilliard,, Marie Correia, and Lisa McElwee-White, Department of Chemistry, University of Florida, P.O. Box 117200, Gainesville, FL 32611-7200
The heterobimetallic Ru/Pd, Ru/Pt, and Ru/Au complexes Cp(PPh3)Ru(-X)(-dppm)PdY2, Cp(PPh3)Ru(-X)(-dppm)PtY2, and Cp(PPh3)RuX(-dppm)AuY [X = Cl, Br, I; Y = Cl, I] were studied as electrocatalysts for the oxidation of ethanol. Cyclic voltammetry and bulk electrolysis of these Ru-containing heterobimetallic complexes were consistent with the catalytic electrooxidation of ethanol, and the organic products generated were analyzed via gas chromatography. Different ligands were attached the Ru-center to increase the solubility of the complexes in water and in ethanol as well as stabilize the complexes in air, which are necessary conditions for potential use in ethanol-based fuel cells.

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