Sonofusion from deuterons to helium


Roger Stringham,, First Gate Energies, 4922 Akai Pl, Princeville, HI 96722
A developing sonofusion technology uses the collapsing cavitation bubble to develop very high transient fusion densities. The data collected from many experiments suggests a possible connection between high-energy events and measured 4He: [D2O → D+; jet compression; D+ implantation; D+ cluster; DD fusion; heat and ejecta]. The path to these ends is found in close packed D+ clusters that have been implanted into various targets where DD fusion occurs before coulombic repulsion. The timeline for this sequence of events is a few picoseconds. The heat pulse generated from DD fusion removes some of the target lattice and fusion products, 4He, as vaporous ejecta from the target foil. The heat from these events is removed by the circulating D2O.