Characterization of hydrogen bonding complexes of para substituted phenols with H2O in nonpolar solvents

PHYS 304

Sharon Keinan,, Rinat Grinzaig, and Ehud Pines. Department of Chemistry, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, P.O.B. 653, 84125 Beer-Sheva, Israel
Para substituted phenols (X = Fl, Cl, CN, NO2, Br, I) form hydrogen bonds with H2O in non-polar solvents. Hydrogen bonding of the type X-phenol - H2O, may serve as model systems for the study of hydrogen bonds and proton transfer reactions. In this study, we have characterized X-phenol - H2O complexes having an Oph— H ∙ ∙ OH2O hydrogen bond. We have analyzed X-phenol - H2O complexes in relation to the solvents properties (the static dielectric constant and the Kamlet Taft â (basicity) parameter) and in relation to intra-molecular parameters (Hammett ó values). Analogous hydrogen bonding system ROH… DMSO having much stronger hydrogen-bonding interactions of the same type was also measured for comparison.

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