Assembly of organic polymers using an oligonucleic acid template


Lauren A. Martini,, Women in Chemistry Scholarship, Merck, 176 Saratoga Blvd, Island Park, NY 11558
This research project focuses on translating DNA topology to nylon topology utilizing two-dimensional DNA constructs as templates to synthesize non-DNA polymers. Initially one must prepare 2'-substituted phosphoramidites modified with protected amino and carboxyl groups that undergo automatic oligonucleotide synthesis to form a single-stranded DNA, or oligonucleotide. The amine and carboxylate groups are then coupled to form nylon-like polymers that are linked at each base pair of the DNA, known as a ladder polymer. The DNA strand is subsequently removed and only the nylon polymer remains. To date, the technology that has been developed has been limited to oligomers of uridine. My research focused on the expansion of synthetic methodology for the preparation of oligonucleotides containing cytosine and adenine units.

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