The 236th ACS National Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, August 17-21, 2008

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Multidisciplinary Areas
Chemistry for HealthDrug AssayDrug Delivery
Drug DiscoveryNanoscience

Special Events

Presidential Event


Committee on Environmental Improvement
Committee on Economic & Professional Affairs
Committee on Minority Affairs
Committee on Science
Committee on Corporation Associates
Committee on Project SEED
Committee on Professional Training
Committee on Chemists with Disabilities
Committee on Local Section Activities
Society Committee on Education
Women Chemists Committee
Younger Chemists Committee


Catalysis & Surface Science Secretariat

Other Events

Career Workshop
Exhibitor-Sponsored Workshop
Open Meeting
Social Hour
Social Hour (w/ Poster)
Ticketed Event - Breakfast
Ticketed Event - Dinner
Ticketed Event - Lunch
Ticketed Event - Reception


Division of Agricultural & Food Chemistry
Division of Agrochemicals
Division of Analytical Chemistry
Division of Biological Chemistry
Division of Biochemical Technology
Division of Business Development & Management
Division of Carbohydrate Chemistry
Division of Chemistry & the Law
Division of Chemical Health & Safety
Division of Chemical Education
Division of Chemical Information
Division of Colloid & Surface Chemistry
Division of Computers in Chemistry
Division of Environmental Chemistry
Division of Fluorine Chemistry
Division of Fuel Chemistry
Division of Geochemistry
Division of the History of Chemistry
Division of Industrial & Engineering Chemistry
Division of Inorganic Chemistry
Division of Medicinal Chemistry
Division of Nuclear Chemistry & Technology
Division of Organic Chemistry
Division of Petroleum Chemistry
Division of Physical Chemistry
Division of Polymeric Materials: Science & Engineering
Division of Polymer Chemistry
Division of Professional Relations
Division of Small Chemical Businesses
Division of Chemical Technicians
Division of Chemical Toxicology


Academic Employment Initiative
Chemistry for Health: Catalyzing Translational Research