INORSunday, April 6, 2008

9:00 AM-1:00 PM Morial Convention Center -- Rm. 219, Oral
General Inorganic Chemistry
Organizer:Robert P. Houser
Presiding:Thomas E. Bitterwolf
9:00 AMBis(mercaptoimidazolyl)methane complexes of copper and silver
Tiffany A. Pinder, Kevin A. Kreisel, Glenn P. A. Yap, Daniel Rabinovich
9:20 AMReactions of rhenium and manganese pentacarbonyl bromide with thiols and thiosalicylic acid
A. K. Fazlur Rahman, Ann Tran, Tara Sarathi, Crystal Lamptey, Douglas Powell
9:40 AMRecent discoveries with energetic precursor approaches to metal oxyhalides and nanoscale phosphorus-rich metal phosphides
Edward G. Gillan, Brian M. Barry, Sujith Perera, Nadiya A. Zelenski, Randy E. Pho
10:00 AMStudying divalent ytterbium chemistry as challenging undergraduate research projects
Gregory M. Ferrence, Kathleen E. Stull, Kristin V. Geary, Samantha M. Robinson, Anthony K. Hofer, Amanda S. Burwell
10:20 AMSynthesis, characterization, and reactivity of a uranyl(V) diketiminate complex
Trevor W. Hayton, Guang Wu
10:40 AMInorganic kinetics studies using an ultrarapid scanning FT-IR/stopped flow spectrometer
Tom Bitterwolf, Peter R. Griffiths, Chris Manning, Matthew Reback
11:00 AMLigand-mediated multielectron redox reactions at first-row transition metal centers
Jake D. Soper
11:20 AMNADH promotes iron release from a siderophore through reduction
Kassy A. Mies, A. L. Crumbliss
11:40 AMOrigin of the root effect in fish Hbs: Moderate proton-dependence of redox potentials suggests steric hindrance dominance
Claire J. Parker Siburt, C. Bonaventura, A. L. Crumbliss
12:00 PMUtilization of hydrogen bonds in coordination chemistry: Synthesis and properties of square planar Ni(II)-OH complexes
Darla Powell-Jia, A. S. Borovik, Joseph W. Ziller
12:20 PMVapochromic platinum (II) salts
Stephen D. Taylor, Robert T. Hart Jr., Jeanette A. Krause, W. B. Connick
12:40 PMWhen is addition of X-Y to M not oxidative?
Charles W. Hamilton, David E. Morris, Michael W. Blair, Neil J. Henson, Richard L. Martin, Jeffrey L. Cross, Andrew D. Sutton, Kimberly C. Jantunen, Brian L. Scott, R. Tom Baker

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The 235th ACS National Meeting, New Orleans, LA, April 6-10, 2008