CHEDThursday, April 10, 2008

8:00 AM-11:25 AM Hilton New Orleans Riverside -- HEC B, Oral
Research and Education in Material Science
Research in Education
Organizers:Craig Hawker
Marek W. Urban
Organizer, Presiding:Paresh Chandra Ray
8:00 AMIntroductory Remarks
8:05 AMCharacteristics of nanomaterials: Challenges of theoretical predictions
Jerzy Leszczynski
8:25 AMSelective control of singlet oxygen photosensitization via pH dependent porphyrin-TiO2 nanocomposites
Wenbing Li, Naveen Gandra, Ruomei Gao
8:45 AMBinding of halides in polyazamacrocyclic receptors
Md. Alamgir Hossain
9:05 AMChemical nucleases as potential chemotherapeutic agent
Subhrangsu S. Mandal, Khairul I Ansari, Getachew A. Woldemariam, James D Grant
9:25 AMLaser induced breakdown spectroscopy: Application to material science
Jagdish P. Singh, Fang-Yu Yueh
9:45 AMScience and technology of advanced multifunctional nanocarbon materials for vacuum microelectronics
Sanju Gupta
10:05 AMSynthesis and evaluation of polycyclic high energy-density fuels
Sundaram Rajkumar, Abhinav Dudi, Sudarshan Kumar, Irishi N. Namboothiri
10:25 AMSynthesis and structural elucidation of spiro(indoline-2,5'-isoxazolines) and spiro(indoline-2,3',5'-pyrazolines)
Ashton T. Hamme II, Sureshbabu Dadiboyena, Edward J. Valente
10:45 AMSynthesis of spiro(indoline-2,5'-isoxazolines) and spiro(indoline-2,5'-pyrazolines) via 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition
Ashton T. Hamme II, Sureshbabu Dadiboyena, Edward J. Valente
11:05 AMTheoretical investigation of boron doped single wall carbon nanotubes (BDSWCNTs)
Glake A. Hill Jr., Julia Saloni

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