INORSunday, April 6, 2008

7:00 PM-9:00 PM Morial Convention Center -- Hall A, Poster
Metal-Organic Frameworks: What are They Good for
Organizers:Wenbin Lin
Hong-Cai Zhou
Radiation detection materials based on metal-organic frameworks
Mark D. Allendorf, Christina A Bauer, F. P. Doty
Synthesis, single crystal X-ray crystallography, and properties of Cu complexes with TCNQBr2
Hanhua Zhao, Nazario Lopez, Andrey V. Prosvirin, Eric W. Reinheimer, Kim R. Dunbar
A microporous metal-organic framework with high hydrogen and methane storage capacities
Xi-sen Wang, Shengqian Ma, Da-Qiang Yuan, Hong-Cai Zhou
Carbon dioxide adsorption in flexible coordination polymers
Jeffrey T. Culp, Milton R. Smith, Edward W. Bittner, Bradley C. Bockrath
Co-crystal controlled solid-state synthesis, structure and coordination chemistry of an extended dicarboxylic acid, H2BIPA-DC
Jason A Perman, Zhenqiang Wang, Miranda L Cheney, Michael J. Zaworotko
Crystalline microporous lanthanide organophosphonates
Junmei Liang, George K H Shimizu
Detection of super cooled water in MOF-5 monitored with terahertz spectroscopy
Roland A. Fischer, Felicitas Schroeder, Konstanze Schroeck, Martina Havenith-Newen
Flat rectangular building blocks made from derivatives of bis(pyridylimino)isoindoline for the construction of porous materials
Donald M. Baird, Richard Wheeler, Phillip E. Fanwick, Nadia Rampersaud
Heavy metal coordination networks constructed from 1,1'-cyclohexanediacetic acid
Rong Cao
Highly tunable porphyrin frameworks as hydrogen storage materials
Curtis A. Wray, Paul M. Barron, Eun Young Choi, Richard W. Novotny, Wonyoung Choe
Imidazolate based metal organic frameworks
Debasis Banerjee, Paul M. Forster, John B. Parise
Magnesium based metal-organic frameworks
Stefan Kaskel, Irena Senkovska
Metal-organic frameworks as hydrogen storage materials
David Tranchemontagne, Hiroyasu Furukawa, Omar M. Yaghi
Metal-organic frameworks from a carboxylate tris(dipyrrinato) metalloligand
Sergio J. Garibay, Jay R. Stork, Zhenqiang Wang, Seth M. Cohen
Microporous phosphonate
George K H Shimizu
Nanosized pores of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs): A new place to perform reactions in nanoscale
Eunwoo Choi, Omar M. Yaghi
New strategies toward chiral porous metal-organic frameworks
Shuting Wu, Liqing Ma, La-Sheng Long, Lan-Sun Zheng, Wenbin Lin
Pd and Pt pyridylacetylacetone complexes as precursors for supramolecular metal-organic materials
Oneka T Cummings, Yoseph S. Marcos, Larry Cooper, Chandi Pariya, Upali Siriwardane, Andrew W. Maverick
Ruthenium nanoparticles inside MOF-5: Evidence of a caging effect of MOF-5
Felicitas Schroeder, Daniel Esken, Maurits W. E. van den Berg, R. A Fischer
Supermicroporous silica-based SiO2-Al2O3-NiO materials: Solid-state NMR, NMR relaxation and magnetic susceptibility
Vladimir I. Bakhmutov, Boris G. Shpeizer, Andrey V. Prosvirin, Kim R. Dunbar, Abraham Clearfield
Synthesis and application of electrochemiluminescent iridium(III) complexes containing various α-diimine ligands
Shin Han Kim, Subong Hong, Joong Min Lee, Do Nam Lee, Young Moo Jun, Won-Yong Lee, Byeong Hyo Kim
Synthesis of derivatives of m-phenylenebis(acetylacetone) for molecular squares
Jackson K. Cherutoi, Jace D. Sandifer, James H. Edwards, Frank R. Fronczek, Andrew W. Maverick
Toward the synthesis of molecular squares and molecular cubes
Chandi Pariya, Frank R. Fronczek, Andrew W. Maverick

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The 235th ACS National Meeting, New Orleans, LA, April 6-10, 2008