CINFTuesday, April 8, 2008

8:25 AM-11:45 AM Marriott Convention Center -- Blaine Kern D, Oral
Engineering the Transition to the Bioeconomy
Science and Technology
Organizers:Tom Hopkinson
Anne Pichon
Bill Town
Samantha Swann
Presiding:Art J. Ragauskas
8:25 AMIntroductory Remarks
8:30 AMSugar crops as feedstocks for the biofuels industry
Edward P. Richard Jr., Thomas L. Tew, Robert M. Cobill, Anna L. Hale
9:00 AMModifying the corn genome to meet the US biofuel agenda
Mariam Sticklen
9:30 AMSugar yields from pretreatment and enzymatic hydrolysis of corn stover and poplar
Charles E. Wyman, Bruce E. Dale, Richard Elander, Mark Holtzapple, Michael R. Ladisch, Y. Y. Lee, Colin Mitchinson, John N. Saddler
10:00 AMIntermission
10:15 AMPotential and perspectives of polymers produced by biotechnology
Alexander Steinbüchel
10:45 AMGrowth-arrested corynebacteria as whole-cell biocatalysts for biofuel production
Hideaki Yukawa
11:15 AMAnaerobic fermentation of glycerol in Escherichia coli: A new path to biofuels and biochemicals
Ramon Gonzalez

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