MEDIWednesday, April 9, 2008

9:00 AM-12:20 PM Morial Convention Center -- La Nouvelle, Blrm. A, Oral
The Hit to Lead Process: Identifying the Most Promising Chemotypes in the Fewest Possible Steps
Organizers:Shelli R. McAlpine
Samuel W. Gerritz
9:00 AMMultiple parallel approaches to steroid hormone receptor lead identification
David G. Jones, Peter J. Brown, Margaret Clackers, David Gray, Melissa Gomez, William J. Hoekstra, Istvan W. Kaldor, Lara Kallander, Millard H. Lambert, Hu Li, Xi Liang, Kevin Madauss, Aaron B. Miller, Robert A. Noe, Rosemary Sasse, Eugene L. Stewart, L. William Stuart, Scott K. Thompson, Philip Turnbull, Manon Villeneuve, David Washburn, Shawn Williams, Timothy M. Willson
9:40 AMA novel inhibitor of thyroid hormone receptor function
R. Kiplin Guy
10:20 AMDiscovery and optimization of acyl guanidines as novel BACE-1 inhibitors
Samuel W. Gerritz, Shuhao Shi, Weixu Zhai, Shirong Zhu, Lorin A. Thompson, Jeremy H. Toyn, Jere E. Meredith, Andrew C. Good, Jodi K. Muckelbauer, Daniel M. Camac, Dharmpal S. Dodd, Lynda S. Cook, Ramesh Padmanabha, Charles F. Albright, Michael J. Sofia, Michael A. Poss, John E. Macor
11:00 AMDiscovery and development of allosteric modulators of Class A and Class C GPCRs
Craig W Lindsley
11:40 AMHsp90 inhibitors: The journey from a designed lead to a clinical candidate
Gabriela Chiosis

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The 235th ACS National Meeting, New Orleans, LA, April 6-10, 2008