MEDIThursday, April 10, 2008

9:00 AM-11:30 AM Morial Convention Center -- La Nouvelle, Blrm. A/B, Oral
Fatty Acid Synthase Inhibitors as Anticancer, Antibacterial and Antiparasitic Agents
Organizers:Kevin Reynolds
Robert A. Fecik
9:00 AMMining the Magic Mountain for novel antibacterial agents: Slow onset inhibitors of the enoyl reductase enzymes from Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Francisella tularensis
Peter J. Tonge, Christopher am Ende, Hao Lu, Kathleen Bostrom, Susan Knudson, Nina Liu, Todd J. Sullivan, Francis Johnson, Richard A. Bowen, Sylvia Luckner, Caroline Kisker, Richard A. Slayden
9:30 AMStructure guided design, synthesis and characterization of inhibitors of the bacterial enoyl-ACP reductase Fab1
Judd Berman
10:00 AMSynthesis and activity of novel fatty acid synthase inhibitors
Gil Ma, Robyn D. Richardson, Manuel Zancanella, Yatsandra Oyola, Wei Zhang, Jeffrey W. Smith, Daniel Romo
10:30 AMAntisense approaches for antibiotic discovery: Discovery of platensimycin and platencin
Sheo B. Singh
11:00 AMThe mechanism of bioreduction of nitroimidazooxanes by Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Clifton E. Barry, Ramandeep Singh, Richard Ledwidge, Young Hwan Ha, Ill-Young Lee, Ujjini Manjunatha, Helena Boshoff

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The 235th ACS National Meeting, New Orleans, LA, April 6-10, 2008