Carbon laydown during steam methane reforming start up conditions


E H Knight,, Valerie Dupont,, Martyn V Twigg2, Andrew Ross,, and Gavin L Rickett1. (1) Energy and Resources Research Institute, University of Leeds, Houldsworth Building, Woodhouse Lane, LS2 9JT Leeds, United Kingdom, (2) Johnson Matthey Catalysts, Orchard Road, SG8 5HE, Royston, United Kingdom
The effects of steam to carbon ratio on carbon lay down and NiO reduction during start up of SMR are investigated with the aim of better understanding and optimizing this necessary first phase of the industrial process. Experiments were performed on Ďas received' and pre-treated catalysts with a history of previous reductions. Experiments were run at 1 atm and 740C using S:C from 0 to 8, and elemental balances allowed the carbon formation and NiO reduction to be determined. Results indicated little differences in both these rates for the S:C of 2-8, with CHN analysis confirming that less than 0.3% carbon deposited on the fresh catalyst. A steam to carbon ratio of 0 resulted in approximately 12% wt carbon by CHN analysis, in agreement with the value determined via balances. A chemical mechanism of the start up phase is put forward, where excess steam does not play a significant role.

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