Recent developments in automated liquid-liquid extraction studies of transactinide elements


Jon Petter Omtvedt,, Centre for Accelerator Based Research and Energy Physics (SAFE), University of Oslo, P.O. Box 1138 - Blindern, N0318 Oslo, Norway
Liquid-liquid extraction (LLE) studies of Rf (Z=104), after physical preseparation with the Berkeley Gas-filled Separator, were performed. Based on the experience gained in these successful experiments, the computer controlled SISAK LLE system has been improved and developed further in order to be able to study transactinide elements heavier than Rf. In particular, the transfer from the recoil transfer chamber (RTC) (which transfer the recoils from the separator to a aerosol seeded gas-jet) to the chemistry apparatus and the acquisition system for the liquid scintillation detectors have been improved. The results from the RTC developments will be presented together with other improvements made to the SISAK centrifuge system and liquid-scintillation detectors.