Using crystal structure analysis to determine the structure of indole-6-carboxylic acid

CHED 1050

Steven A. Blubaugh, and Allison J. Long, Department of Chemistry, Georgia Southern University, Box 8064, Statesboro, GA 30460
The goal of the summer research project was to crystallize the title compound, obtain data, and analyze the results, obtaining the molecular structure of that compound. With the molecular structure, we were able to determine bond lengths, bond angles, and the hydrogen bonding patterns. The crystal system of the title compound is monoclinic with a C2/c space group. The edges and angles of the unit cell are 18.185(19), 5.682(3), 14.835(6), α: 90.00, β: 98.33(6), and y: 90.00. Hydrogen bond analysis will also be discussed.