Pd/Cu alumina catalyst for nitrate reduction

CHED 1016

Stephanie L. Skiles, stephanie.skiles@wayland.wbu.edu and Joel E. Boyd. Department of Chemistry, Wayland Baptist University, 1900 W 7th St, Plainview, TX 79072
A Pd/Cu alumina catalyst was prepared by wet impregnation, and subsequently deposited on acrylic (PMMA) and polystyrene support structures via solvent deposition. Two sources of hydrogen gas introduction were studied. Initial tests were conducted using hydrogen introduced externally from a gas cylinder. The in situ generation of hydrogen from the electrolysis of water was utilized as the second hydrogen introduction method. Various electrolytes were studied for optimal electrolytic hydrogen production. The utilization of electrolytically generated hydrogen allows the reduction of aqueous nitrate to nitrogen gas without the need to consume externally provided reducing agents.