Oxidation of phenethyl alcohol via triphase catalysis using clay supported Gemini surfactants

CHED 1015

Nahid Shabestary, nshabes@siue.edu, Neha H. Parikh, nparikh@siue.edu, and Timi J. Parker, timpark@siue.edu. Department of Chemistry, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Box 1652, Edwardsville, IL 62026-1652
Hectorite clay intercalated with dicationic quaternary ammonium Gemini surfactants has been used to carry out oxidation of phenethyl alcohol in toluene by sodium hypochlorite solution in triphase catalytic system using a batch reaction. Triphase catalysis is a unique type of phase transfer catalysis in which the catalyst and each of a pair of reactants are located in three different phases (normally, organic, aqueous and a solid phase). PTC has emerged in the past few decades as extremely powerful technology for the synthesis of various classes of compounds from petroleum additives to agricultural and pharmaceutical products. Our preliminary results have indicated pseudo-first order kinetics for the oxidation reaction.