Investigation of cell endocytosis of polyeletrolyte multilayer microcapsules

CHED 992

Krithika Kavanoor,, Zhihua An,, and Laura J. Kaufman, Department of Chemistry, Columbia University, 3000 Broadway, New York, NY 10027
The recent development of a simple and versatile technique for fabricating polyelectrolyte multilayer microcapsules (PMMs) has generated interest in their possible application as time and targeted release drug delivery systems. PMMs of varying size, thickness, composition, and charge density are synthesized via a layer-by-layer technique in which layers of oppositely charged polyelectrolyes are adsorbed onto a colloidal template, which is subsequently decomposed. Although PMMs show promise as drug delivery systems, much remains unknown about cell uptake of these capsules. In this study, we aim to more fully characterize the endocytosis of PMMs by considering the effects of capsule surface charge and composition. Additionally, we use selective-uptake inhibitors to investigate the mechanism of endocytosis employed by cells in the uptake of PMMs. Our studies show that microcapsule composition and surface charge together affect cell endocytosis. Also, the cellular uptake of microcapsules is caveolae-mediated and not clathrin-mediated.