Ionic association in varied solvents with different dielectric constants

CHED 999

Jill P. Williamson1, Renee Cole1, and Roger Frech, rfrech@ou.edu2. (1) Department of Biochemistry, Chemistry and Physics, University of Central Missouri, Warrensburg, MO 64093, (2) Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Oklahoma, 620 Parrington Oval, Room 208, Norman, OK 73019
There have been studies of ion transport in liquid electrolytes, with an emphasis on the behaviors of triflates in different solutions. Triflates are commonly selected for these studies because of the distinguishable bands. There is an interest in determining the behavioral trends of the triflate ion in varied solvents. This study has focused on finding trends in solvents with varied dielectric constants. Initial results of the ionic association of the triflate ion dissolved in the high dielectric constant solvent, acetone, has shown the presence of contact ion pairs or triple anions. Varying the salt concentration of lithium and potassium triflates allows one to see the progressive increase in concentration of the associated species. Additional studies in changing solvents to one with a lower dielectric constant and the addition of larger salts will provide data that may allow generalization of ion behavior in various solvents.