Excess thermodynamic functions of alcohol+n-alkane mixtures using viscometry, dilatometery, refractometry, and laser light scattering

CHED 983

Minseok Jang, mjang@hmc.edu and Gerald R. Van Hecke. Department of Chemistry, Harvey Mudd College, 301 Platt Blvd, Claremont, CA 91711
The nonidealities of binary mixtures of cyclohexan-1-ol with cyclohexane and chlorocyclohexane were studied as functions of composition over the temperature range 15 to 45 oC to seek trends due to intermolecular interactions as quantified by the signs and magnitudes of viscosity deviations, excess volumes VE, excess refractive indices nE, and excess Gibbs potentials GE. The excess quantities were determined from viscometry, dilatometry, refractometry, and laser light scattering measurements. We will report how the mixtures with cyclohexan-1-ol with above mentioned compounds compare to cyclohexan-1-ol and linear alkane mixtures.