Being there: Using social networking services for engaged library instruction

CHED 186

Gerry McKiernan,, Library, Iowa State University, 152 Parks, Ames, IA 50011
At colleges and universities today, a significant portion of students are members of Facebook (, the online social networking service. Beginning in Summer 2007, we initiated a series of outreach projects using Facebook to directly promote Library programs and services to select members of the ISU community. These initiatives sought to inform students and faculty not only about the availability of core services offered by the reference and instruction department (e.g., book and journal selection, library presentations, research assistance) but also about the general library services provided by the library (e.g., interlibrary loan, library collections, reserve and media services).

This presentation will report on the results of these projects and describe future outreach plans. In addition, the general nature of Facebook, and its current and potential use by educators will be reviewed. The presentation will conclude with a brief overview of key readings and Web resources about online social networks.