Developing a mathematical model of lipid titrations

CHED 973

Bradley David Towey, and Thomas G. Anderson, Department of Chemistry, Hamline University, 1536 Hewitt Avenue, Saint Paul, MN 55104
The interactions of cyclodextrins binding with phospholipids have been expressed in the form of differential rate equations. Six rate equations were constructed to represent the interactions of phospholipids with cyclodextrins. Using the computer program Mathematica, we solved and plotted these interactions given the time between injections, the number of injections, the equilibrium constants, and the concentrations of the both the cyclodextrins and the phospholipids. The mathematical model generated similar results for the titration of phospholipids into cyclodextrin in previous research. A binding constant of 8.1x10-5 was the calculated equilibrium constant for the overall reaction. This model can determine plausible values for the equilibrium constants, the enthalpy of the reaction, and can potentially lead to understanding of other areas of phospholipids research.