Catalytic hydrogen production from ethanol over Rh-Pd/CeO2

PETR 117

M. Scott,, W Chiu1, MG. Blackford,, and H Idriss, (1) Chemistry, U Auckland, Auckland, 1001, New Zealand, (2) Institute of Materials Engineering, Institute of Materials Engineering, ANSTO, Sydney, Australia, (3) Department of Chemistry, University of Auckland, 23 symonds St., Auckland, 92019, New Zealand
The work focus on the catalytic reactions for hydrogen production over a bimetallic catalytic system composed of small metallic clusters (of the order of 1nm size) dispersed on nanoparticles of cerium oxides. The catalytic process involves steam reforming of ethanol as well as water gas shift reaction. This type of catalysts has proved very active, selective and stable for the production of hydrogen under realistic conditions. Moreover at the temperature range of 700-800K no or traces of CO are seen. Detailed study indicates that the active sites of the catalyst are those at the interface between the metallic clusters and the reconstructed CeO2 surface.