Reactions of rhenium and manganese pentacarbonyl bromide with thiols and thiosalicylic acid


A. K. Fazlur Rahman, frahman@ossm.edu1, Ann Tran1, Tara Sarathi1, Crystal Lamptey1, and Douglas Powell2. (1) Department of Chemistry, Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics, 1141 N Lincoln Blvd, Oklahomacity, OK 73104, (2) Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK 73019
A series of Manganese and Rhenium complexes containing thiolate and thiosalicylate ligands have been prepared by the reaction of M(CO)5Br ( M= Mn, Re) with thiols and thiosalicylic acid in acetone with added silver perchlorate. Both thiolate and thiosalicylate forms either dinuclear or plynuclear metal complexes. X-ray crystallographic and spectroscopic data suggests various modes of coordination depending on the ligand and also on the metal.

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