Heat capacity and spectra of deep eutectic solutions

CHED 986

Stephen A. Fordham, jsu6962n@jsu.edu and Jan Gryko, gryko@jsu.edu. Department of Physical and Earth Sciences, Jacksonville State University, 700 N. Pelham Rd, Jacksonville, AL 36265
Specific heat capacity of a series of deep eutectic solutions of choline chloride with urea and glycerol were determined. For 1:2 molar solutions of choline chloride and urea or choline chloride and glycerol, the specific heat capacity is the same, namely 2.18 (J/g oC). This value is lower than the specific heat capacity of pure glycerol, 2.51 (J/g oC). The specific heat capacity correlates strongly with viscosity, and it is increasing with increasing temperature. We also correlate specific heat measurements with IR and UV-VIS spectra.