Biodegradable polyhydroxyalkanoates/SWNT nanocomposite spheres and films prepared by spray-drying method


Seok Il Yun,, Gerry E. Gadd,, Robert A. Russell1, and Peter J. Holden1. (1) Institute for Environmental Research, ANSTO, Building 21, PMB 1, Menai, NSW 2234, Australia, (2) Institute of Materials Engineering, ANSTO, PMB 1, Menai, NSW 2234, Australia
The nanocomposite microspheres and films of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) (PHB) and poly(3-hydroxyoctanoate) (PHO) with single wall carbon nanotubes (SWNTs), were prepared by spray-drying method. The TEM immages showed that SWNTS well dispersed in PHB abd PHO indicating that rapid evaporation by spray drying effectively prevents aggregation of SWNTs. The Optical microscopy showed that the crystalline size substantially decreased for PHB/SWNTs nanocomposites with a 1 % weight fraction of SWNTs relative to PHB (PHB/(1%)SWNTs), indicating the effective nucleation of PHB crystallization by SWNTs. Mechanical properties of the nanocomposite films were measured by nanoindentation. Both polymer nanocomposite films showed an increase in hardness (H) and Young's modulus (E), with SWNTs concentration.

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