Buckling instability of nanocomposite polymeric structures: Measuring elastic properties of complex nanostructured materials

PMSE 115

Vladimir V. Tsukruk, vladimir@mse.gatech.edu, School of Materials Science and Engineering and School of Polymer, Textile and Fiber Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, 771 Ferst Drive, Atlanta, GA 30332
We present a brief overview of our recent application of the well known phenomenon of buckling instabilities under compressive stresses for measuring mechanical properties of complex polymer nanocomposites. After initial studies of homogeneous nanoscale LbL polymer films we expanded our studies toward more complex materials: polymer nanoscale LbL films reinforced with gold nanoparticles, polymer nanoscale films reinforced with random and oriented silver nanowires, micropatterned bi-component polymer films, sculptured films with 3D topology, and biomaterials (silk).