CHEDTuesday, August 21, 2007

8:30 AM-12:15 PM Seaport -- Constitution Room, Oral
Research in Chemical Education
Organic Chemistry, Student Conceptions, Skill Development and Metacognition
Organizer, Presiding:Bob Blake
8:30 AMIntroductory Remarks
8:35 AMWhen push comes to shove: Student development of arrow-pushing formalism (APF) skills
Jason P. Anderson, George M. Bodner
8:55 AMApproaches in synthesis problem solving by sophomore organic chemistry students
David P. Cartrette, Provi M. Mayo
9:15 AMChemistry conceptions and misconceptions of undergraduate organic chemistry students
Jennifer M. Duis, Loretta L. Jones
9:35 AMIntermission
9:45 AMAssessment of organic molecule stereochemistry through a formal interview
Tyson A. Miller, Mbei Enoh, Elizabeth Reed
10:05 AMMeaning of organic chemistry
Gautam Bhattacharyya
10:25 AMGraduate students' perspectives on chemists and chemistry
Bethany Walls, Gautam Bhattacharyya
10:45 AMIntermission
10:55 AMCombined effect of metacognitive activities in chemistry problem solving
Santiago Sandi-Urena, Melanie M. Cooper
11:15 AMMultiple instructional representations for promoting concept learning and attitude for science learning
In-Young Cho, Youngjin Kang
11:35 AMDevelopment of nanoconcept inventories: A big task!
Alan K. Szeto, Clara S. Cahill, Nathan A. Unterman, Lincoln J. Lauhon, Gregory Light, Denise L. Drane, George M. Bodner, Joseph S. Krajcik, Eric A. Hagedorn
11:55 AMConcluding Remarks

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The 234th ACS National Meeting, Boston, MA, August 19-23, 2007