CHEDMonday, August 20, 2007

2:30 PM-4:30 PM BCEC -- Exhibit Hall - B2, Poster
Undergraduate Research Poster Session
Organic Chemistry
Organizer, Presiding:Nancy Bakowski
Alcohol formation: Reduction of carbonyl compounds using green chemistry
Lauren Ritchie, Alicia B. Todaro
Approaches to the synthesis of selenium analogs of dapsone
Jessica A. Hoch, Kim H. Le, Lynn J. Guziec
Arylphosphonium salts conjugated to polypeptides
Sam Adediron, John C. Williams Jr., Jason Henkler
Aryl substituted corroles: Synthesis and characterization of free base and cobalt containing derivative
Cynthia A. Pruente, Christopher A. Hansen
Biomimetic receptor-modified chromophores as biosensors
Robert J. Gilliard, Rhett C. Smith
Bipyridyl-incorporating pi-conjugated metallopolymer progenitors
Ashlyn E. Dennis, Rhett C. Smith
Concomitant crystallization of a hydrocarbon as conformational polymorphs
Rebecca I. Goldstein, Timothy R. Newhouse, Dasan M. Thamattoor, Rebecca R. Conry
Design and synthesis of a novel, natural product-based chemotherapeutic agent
Sarah E. Winkleman, Mark F. Mechelke
Design and synthesis of novel goniothalamin analogs
Allissa A. Dillman, Mark F. Mechelke
Design and synthesis of novel Ras farnesyl protein transferase inhibitors
Kerrie E. Walters, Mark F. Mechelke
Paper Withdrawn
Direct synthesis of tamoxifen and related triaryl-substituted alkenes via two-fold extrusion reactions
Ian R. Bothwell, Frank Guziec Jr.
Electronic perturbation of the copper(II)-catalyzed aminohydroxylation of alkenes: Mechanistic insights and synthetic improvements
Ashley C. Jacobsen, David J. Michaelis, Tehshik P. Yoon
Elusive planar bond shifting in [12]annulene: The failure of CASPT2 in singlet diradical systems
Miles N. Braten, Claire Castro, William L. Karney, Mary Gertrude Gutierrez, Joseph Moll
Fragmentation of large ring-fused cyclopropylcarbinyl radicals
Dane E. Jones, Greg Kujawski, Ashlee Girardin, Daniel Le, Caleb Hunt, Eric J. Kantorowski
Green chemistry using bismuth compounds: Bismuth triflate catalyzed allylation of dioxolanes
Ram S. Mohan, James E. Christensen, Matthew Huddle
Green chemistry: Scaled-up solvent-free synthesis of chalcones and epoxidation of synthesized chalcones with hydrogen peroxide
Michael R. O'Brien, Alicia B. Todaro
Hetero-Diels-Alder reactions of o-quinones
Deepika Nayyar, Chris Taylor, Jinsong Zhang
Hydrogen-bonded structures as organocatalytic motifs
John P. Morgan, Kaitlyn R. Sanders
Syntheses of tailor-made open-chain oligopyrroles
Emily S. Bartlett, Robin Krueger, Martin Broering
Kinetic isotope effects in the rearrangement of β-acetoxycarbene
Jennifer M. Nguyen, Martin J. Schnermann, Dasan M. Thamattoor
Kinetic studies of alcohol acylation using N-heterocyclic carbene chloroform adducts as organocatalysts
John P. Morgan, Jonathan H. Shrimp
Microwave mediated reactions toward synthesis of radiosensitizers
William Price, Michael J. Scheuermann
Nucleophilic asymmetric substitution at silicon
Chad A. Meece, William R. Winchester
Oxidation of phenols with o-iodoxybenzoic acid
Jason Phillips, Chris Taylor, Jinsong Zhang
Oxidation of vanillyl alcohol to vanillin: Comparing TEMPO reactions
Elise Zablowsky, Sarah Iacobucci, Christine Jaworek-Lopes
Pd-catalyzed [3+2] cycloaddition between carbon dioxide and (2-(acetoxymethyl)-1-buten-3-yl)trimethylsilane
Amanda D. Worthy, George E. Greco
Phase vanishing reactions: Use of solid reagents and substrates
Nicole M. Windmon, Veljko Dragojlovic
Preparations and biological evaluation of new anthrapyrazoles and bis-anthrapyrazoles
Kyle A. Marshall, Hong Liang, Xing Wu, Brian B. Hasinoff, Lynn J. Guziec, Frank Guziec Jr.
Progress in the development of protecting group strategies for alkylguanidines
Rebecca Funkhouser, Jennifer Yox, Janet A. Asper
Paper Withdrawn
Reactions of hexachloroacetone with primary diamines: Synthesis and characterization of N,N'-ethylenebistrichloroacetamide
Jin Bakalis, Jun H. Shin
Reactivity of tris(trimethylsilyl)phosphite(TMSP): Reactions with chloroformates
Luis Vargas, Joseph D Mammano
Regiospecific synthesis of 1-methyl-4-vinylimidazole
Brett Granger, Christina G. Collison, Thomas W. Smith
Paper Withdrawn
Solid-phase synthesis of rationally designed PPAR δ ligands
L. N. Aldrich, J. D. Dortch, K. M. Bucholtz
Solution conformation of longifolene
Varsha Patel, Sasan Karimi, Gopal Subramaniam
Studies toward the total synthesis of a novel γ-lactone
Jessica Smith, William T. Spencer III, Moni Agusto, Christina G. Collison
Synthesis and biological evaluation of inhibitors of botulinum neurotoxin metalloprotease
Julia R. Widom, Peter Wipf
Synthesis and biological studies of prekinamycin derivatives
Ken S. Feldman, Kristin V. Potts
Synthesis and characterization of substituted aryl acetic and propanoic acids
Nyall A. Tavernier, Kadine L. Gomes, Christopher A. Hansen
Synthesis and characterization of thiol-containing nucleobases for DNA modification
Aliya A. Lakha, Patricia A. Bailey, Chad E. Immoos
Synthesis of biaryliodonium salts using m-CPBA as a versatile oxidant
Julien Letessier, Shauna M. Paradine, Bernhard Witulski
Synthesis and reactions of 4-aryl-3-pyrrolin-2-ones
Kimberly P. White, Sarah J. P. Yoon-Miller, Erin T. Pelkey
Synthesis, characterization, and conformational analysis of amido-ester and diamide liquid crystal twist agents
James A. Rego, M. Consuelo Mellen, Calvin Ha, Melissa L. Hughs
Paper Withdrawn
Synthesis of acyloxy substituted dicarboxylic acids
Allen M. Pappas, Jennifer Joerres, Christopher A. Hansen
Synthesis of anion binding capsules intended for aqueous solutions using olefin metathesis
Kevin M. Yehl, Thomas Fiehn, Stefan Kubik
Synthesis of chlorambucil analogs
Asma Khetani, Gopal Subramaniam, Wilma Saffran, Sasan Karimi
Synthesis of non-β-lactam inhibitors for AmpC
Rachel A. Powers, Christopher J. Davis, Rachel L. Kubiak, Uma J. Mishra, Robert P. Smart, Jenna M. Tomlinson
Synthesis of substituted tri-aryl amines for use as electrocatalysts
L. Kraig Steffen, Andrea D. Pelle, Jenna Koliani, Michael Shinall, Albert J. Fry

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The 234th ACS National Meeting, Boston, MA, August 19-23, 2007