AEIMonday, August 20, 2007

8:00 PM-10:00 PM BCEC -- Exhibit Hall - B2, Sci-Mix
Academic Employment Initiative
Organizers:Jerry A. Bell
Corrie Kuniyoshi
 Synthesis and fluorescent responses of highly water-soluble zwitterionic boronic acid-grafted poly(p-phenylene ethynylene) to biological species
Zhen Chen
 Metabolic phenotypes for MCF-10A cancer cell lines
Mădălina Ciobanu, David E. Cliffel
 Development of fluorescent tags for labeling newly synthesized proteins
John D Fisk, Kimberly E. Beatty, Jeremy M. Baskin, Carolyn R. Bertozzi, David Tirrell
 Correlating DNA adduct levels and gene expression using LC-MS/MS and DNA microarrays for a foodborne heterocyclic aromatic amine procarcinogen
James Glick, Robert Sullivan, Helmut Zarbl, Paul Vouros
 Study of inner filter effects
Qun Gu
 Structure elucidation of microgram quantities of heparin oligosaccharides important for protein binding
Albert K. Korir, John F. K. Limtiaco, Cynthia K. Larive
 Development of a novel soft ionization aerosol mass spectrometer (SIAMS)
Julie A Lloyd, Murray V. Johnston
 Development of analytical separation methods for actinide materials
Dominic S. Peterson
 Development of novel spectroscopic techniques and their application to environmental science
Jon E. Thompson
 Metabolic profiling of pancreatic islets via scanning electrochemical microscopy
Jeremy P. Wilburn, Mădălina Ciobanu, David E. Cliffel
 Novel nanostructure architectures: How surface topography relates to materials' properties
Xiaoyu Zhang, John A. Rogers
 Understanding proteins and their complexes using small angle X-ray/neutron scattering
Fnu Ashish, Joanna Krueger
 Molecular recognition and sensing with designed biomimetic systems: From beta-hairpins to lipid bilayers
Sara M. Butterfield, Stefan Matile, Julius Rebek Jr., Marcey L. Waters
 Structure-based design, synthesis and structure-activity relationship of peptide libraries containing Phe analogs as reversible inhibitors for thrombin
Cristina Clement, Patricia Chimieze, Janet Gonzalez, Manfred Philipp
 Improved cellular delivery of peptides and proteins by encodable structured motifs
Douglas S. Daniels, Alanna Schepartz
 Advances toward the development of small molecule transcriptional activators
Jean-Paul Desaulniers, Amberlyn Wands, Anna K. Mapp
 Fe(II) and α-ketoglutarate-dependent halogenases in natural products biosynthesis
Danica P. Galonic, Sinisa Hrvatin, Eric W. Barr, J. Martin Bollinger Jr., Carsten Krebs, Christopher T. Walsh
 New insights into the mechanism of cleavage of sarcin ricin loop (SRL) RNA
Swapan S Jain, Thomas D Tullius
 Quinocarmycin analog DX-52-1 inhibits cell migration and targets radixin, disrupting interactions of radixin with actin and CD44
Alem W Kahsai
 Perturbation of endogenous retinoid levels and retinoid metabolism by ethanol
Maureen A. Kane, Alexandra E. Folias, Chao Wang, Na Chen, Joseph L. Napoli
 Inhibition of translation by peptide ligands targeting the stem-loop H18 in 16S rRNA
Beatriz Llano-Sotelo, Dorota Klepacki, Alexander S. Mankin
 Intracellular delivery of biologically active multivalent ligands
Erin E. McElroy, Laura L. Kiessling
 Structure function studies on the glutamate racemase enzyme from Bacillus anthracis
Shahila Mehboob, Michael E. Johnson
 Controlled assembly of functional and structured DNA-multiprotein complexes at nanoscale
Grazyna E. Sroga, Jonathan S. Dordick
 Transport of metal ions across ion channels in lipid membrane
Viksita Vijayvergiya
 Application of click chemistry in glycobiology
Peng Wu
 Folding and insertion of melittin in membrane mimics
Matthew R. Hartings, Harry B. Gray, Jay R. Winkler
 Affinity adsorption of viruses
Caryn L Heldt, Patrick V. Gurgel, Lee-Ann Jaykus, Ruben G Carbonell
 Sensor-aided bioprospecting
Karen M Polizzi
 Quantitative analysis of a web-based math tutorial for general chemistry and the student response
M. Danielle Barker, Joseph A. Heppert, Brett A. Barker
 Chemistry conceptions and misconceptions of undergraduate organic chemistry students
Jennifer M. Duis
 Hypothesis driven assessment of an integrated NMR laboratory curriculum
Kimberly C. Earnheart, Karl T. Mueller
 Predicting products in main-group inorganic chemistry: A study of performance and implementation of a pedagogical tool
Erik C. Gustafson, George M. Bodner
 Multisensory learning for blind or low vision learners in the chemistry laboratory
Cary Supalo
 Organometallic and chemical education research: An NMR investigation of the role of an aluminum alkyl during zirconocene catalyzed alkene polymerization and the development and evaluation of an online nanoscience course for teachers
Janice M. Hall Tomasik, Clark R. Landis, John W. Moore
 Kinetically controlled nanorod assemblies
Jacob W Ciszek, Ling Huang, Yuhuang Wang, Chad A. Mirkin
 Fluorinated gold thiolate nanoparticles by Brust synthesis and ligand exchange
Amala Dass, Royce W. Murray
 Dynamic restructuring of au(111)
Weiwei Gao, Ling Zhou, Dilini S. Pinnaduwage, Byoung Kuon Min, Monika Biener, Cynthia M. Friend
 Synthesis of mono- and bimetallic nanoparticle catalysts utilizing solid phase dendrimer templates
John D. Gilbertson
 Dual mode imaging and selective functionalization of multimaterial nanopyramids
Jeunghoon Lee, Warefta Hasan, Teri W. Odom
 Synthesis and structure of an ultrathin aluminosilicate film
Dario J. Stacchiola, S Kaya, J Weissenrieder, Shamil K. Shaikhutdinov, Hans-Joachim Freund
 Dynamic reconstructuring during surface compound formation on Ag(111): Incorporation of metal atoms in the adsorbate structures on close-packed surface
Ling Zhou, Robert J. Madix
 Development of novel computational methods for simulation of biological systems
Victor M. Anisimov
 DNA Structural motifs identified by conserved OH radical cleavage signature (CORCS) Analyses
K. Suzie Byun, T. Tullius
 Generalization of the Gaussian electrostatic model: A molecular density based force field
G. Andres Cisneros, Jean-Philip Piquemal, Thomas A. Darden
 The correlation consistent Composite Approach: Efficient thermochemistry across the periodic table
Nathan DeYonker, Angela K. Wilson, Thomas Cundari
 Examining the role of conformational changes in HIV protease drug resistance
Melinda M. Layten, Fangyu Ding, Carlos L. Simmerling
 Investigate the fluorescence quenching and recovering process of beta-cyclodextrin anchored quantum dots
Ming Ning, Richard. E Brown
 Simulating nanostructure photovoltaics from atoms to devices
Joshua Schrier
 New methods for efficient direct calculation of ligand binding free energies
Michael R. Shirts, John D. Chodera, Richard A. Friesner
 Insights into peptide folding from a multiscale coarse-grained model
Ian F. Thorpe, Jian Zhou, Gregory A. Voth
 Molecular-level interactions of tetracycline with oligomers of a model humus constituent and soil organic matter
Pankaj Kulshrestha, Rossman F. Giese Jr., Troy D. Wood
 Hexavalent chromium and oxytetracycline binding to environmental interfaces studied by second harmonic generation
Amanda L. Mifflin, Christopher T. Konek, Michael J. Musorrafiti, Franz M. Geiger
 Sustainable alternatives for chemical syntheses
Jason P Hallett
 MX chain interactions in binary metallomesogenic mixtures of Pt(II) and Pt(IV) complexes
Rachel J. Allenbaugh, Cynthia K. Schauer
 Synthesis, reactivity and electronic structure of sterically pressured uranium complexes
Suzanne C. Bart, Frank W. Heinemann, Karsten Meyer
 Strategies for increasing the spin-reversal barrier in single-molecule magnets
Bart M. Bartlett, T. David Harris, Hye Jin Choi, Marty W. DeGroot, Justin J. Wilson, Jeffrey R. Long
 Modifications of diruthenium molecular wires through ancillary ligand exchange
Sarah L. Bolton, Michael B. Sponsler
 Synthesis and grafting chemistry of functionalized silicone nanospheres
Christopher A Bradley, Meredith J. McMurdo, T. Don Tilley
 Kinetic resolution of α-olefins using C1- and C2-symmetric zirconocene polymerization catalysts
Jeffery A. Byers, John E. Bercaw
 Nanosized high relaxivity MR contrast agents by conjugation to virus capsids
Ankona Datta, Jacob M. Hooker, Mauro Botta, Matthew B. Francis, Kenneth N. Raymond
 Biophysical characterization of inorganic systems in biology utilizing spectroscopic techniques
Jared J. Heymann, A. L. Crumbliss
 Employing PY5-type ligands in the investigations of the magnetic properties of dinuclear and larger complexes
David M. Jenkins, Danna E. Freedman, Hemamala I. Karunadasa, Jeffrey R. Long
 It really is a small world after all: The joys of fabricating and characterizing nanoarchitectured materials
Justin C. Lytle, Amanda J. Barrow, Trevor N. Zimmerman, Jeffrey W. Long, Debra R. Rolison
 Synthesis and CO2 reactivity of alkylaminozinc complexes
Ryan L McDonnell
 Magnetic inorganic-organic polymers
Julie E. Mertzman, Sarah L. Stoll
 Mechanistic studies of dioxygen activation and substrate oxidation by model complexes and metalloenzymes
Liviu M. Mirica
 Inorganic and chemical education research: Ethylene sensors from Ag(I)-bound fluoroionophores and the development, beta-test, and assessment of summer chemistry camps
Diane L. Nutbrown, Carly M. Schram, Judith N. Burstyn, John W. Moore
 Fluid-processed tetraazaporphyrin-based photovoltaics
Brian D. Pate, Joy E. Rogers, Barney E. Taylor, Britt A. Minch, James R. Deneault, Adam P. Smith, Michael F. Durstock
 PRINT: Nanomaterials for biological applications
Robby A. Petros, Joseph M. DeSimone
 Unsaturated organic monolayers on silicon: Surface passivation and reactivity
Katherine E. Plass, Bruce B. Brunschwig, Nathan S. Lewis
 The use of metal boride precursors and nanoparticles for carbon nanotube growth
Jennifer V. Romero, James T. Spencer
 Inorganic and solid state materials for energy applications
Michael Schwartz
 Metal-organic frameworks based on group 13 metal dipyrrinato complexes
Jay R. Stork, Van S. Thoi, Seth M. Cohen
 Heteroleptic Ruthenium tris-bipyridyl complexes as photosensitizers for overall photocatalytic water splitting
W. Justin Youngblood, Miharu Eguchi, Anne E. Kaintz, Seung-Hyun Anna Lee, Thomas E. Mallouk
 Fluorescence/MRI sensing of zinc with water-soluble porphyrin molecular platform
Xiao-an Zhang, Katherine S. Lovejoy, Alan Jasanoff, Stephen J. Lippard
 Synthesis and testing of novel dioxolane-based compounds with antiplasmodial activity
Derek C. Martyn, Meaghan J. Beattie, Armando Ramirez, Joseph Cortese, Vishal Patel, Keith A. Woerpel, Jon Clardy
 I. Synthesis of novel β-cyclodextrin derivatives and their use as chiral stationary phases for GC; II. From student to scientist: writing assignments in the chemistry lab
Tiffany R. Turner, Charles M. Garner
 Stereoselective synthesis of 2,3,4,5 tetrasubstituted tetrahydrofurans: Application to the total synthesis of (+)-Virgatusin and b) asymmetric radical additions to chiral sulfinimines
Tito Akindele, Stephen P. Marsden, John G. Cumming, Ken-ichi Yamada, Kiyoshi Tomioka
 Palladium-catalyzed halocarbonyl-alkene coupling and mechanistic investigations of the beta-hydride elimination of transition metal enolates
Erik J. Alexanian, Sandra M. King
 Exotic and highly-ordered bistable [n]rotaxanes
Ivan Aprahamian, J. Fraser Stoddart
 Origins of selectivity in Pd-catalyzed C-N bond-forming reactions using biarylphosphine ligands
Mark R. Biscoe, Timothy E. Barder, Stephen L. Buchwald
 Catalytic hydrogen transfer: Synthesis of protected cyclic enamines
Andrew D. Bolig, Maurice Brookhart
 Boron Lewis acids in organic synthesis
George W. Kabalka, Min-Liang Yao, Scott Borella
 Chemoselective probes for metabolite enrichment and profiling
Erin E. Carlson, Benjamin F. Cravatt
 A) Using molecules to build molecules; B) Active transport of organic cations through fluorous bulk membranes by nanohosts
Qianli Chu, Leonard R. MacGillivray, Dennis P. Curran
 Highly efficient syntheses of mechanically interlocked molecules
William R. Dichtel, Ognjen S. Miljanic, Ivan Aprahamian, Wenyu Zhang, Adam B. Braunschweig, Jason M. Spruell, Mark A. Olsen, James R. Heath, J. Fraser Stoddart
 Simocyclinone D8: Exploring a new mechanism of topoisomerase II inhibition
Keith C. Ellis
 Microcalorimetry to investigate biological-like function of synthetic macromolecules
Gregory J. Gabriel
 Understanding rotary motion in crystalline solids and developing high school curricula based on green chemistry principles
Stephanie L. Gould, Miguel Garcia-Garibay, Arlene A. Russell
 Synthesis of a small library of (-)-dysiherbaine analogs as ionotropic glutamate receptor ligands
Stephen A. Habay, A. Richard Chamberlin
 Natural product synthesis via target-oriented and biomimetic approaches
Gregory H. Hanson, Thomas R. Hoye, Steven D. Burke
 Probing subunit interactions in Ribonucleotide Reductase (RNR)
A Quamrul Hassan, Yongting Wang, Lars Plate, JoAnne Stubbe
 Nanocrystalline tio2 solar cells based on variable band gap poly(arylene ethynylene) conjugated polyelectrolytes
Hui Jiang, Xiaoyong Zhao, Kirk S. Schanze
 Rapid-Injection NMR studies of carbonyl functionalities with organolithium reagents
Kristopher J Kolonko, Hans J. Reich, Margaret M. Biddle
 A natural products research program for implementation at a primarily undergraduate institution
Katherine N Maloney, William Fenical, Jon Clardy
 Propargylic oxidation catalyzed by dirhodium caprolactamate: Rapid access to α,β-acetylenic ketones
Emily C. McLaughlin, Michael P. Doyle
 From kinetic to thermodynamic control in the synthesis of donor-acceptor [2]catenanes
Ognjen S. Miljanic, William R. Dichtel, Saeed I. Khan, J. Fraser Stoddart
 Synthesis of tetrasubsitituted phthalocyanines and their application in pv devices
Britt A. Minch, Adam P. Smith, James R. Deneault, Barney E. Taylor, Michael F. Durstock
 Spectroscopic characterization of organic reactive intermediates in cryogenic matrices and development and testing of an interactive website to introduce current research into middle and high school classrooms
Caroline R. Pharr, Robert J. McMahon, John W. Moore
 Synthetic studies of oroidin derived natural products: Ageliferin and palau'amine
Sivappa Rasapalli, Carl Lovely
 Synthesis of tetrasubsitituted phthalocyanines and their application in pv devices
Adam P. Smith, Barney E. Taylor, James R. Deneault, Michael F. Durstock
 Incorporating perfluoroanthracene units into organic semiconductors
John F. Tannaci, Masahiro Noji, Jennifer McBee, T. Don Tilley
 Iridium-catalyzed enantioselective allylation of nonconventional nucleophiles
Daniel J. Weix, Sandra M. King
 Reaction optimization from palladium to organo-catalysts
Sheryl L. Wiskur, Gregory C. Fu
 Efficient kinetic resolution of diols through catalytic asymmetric silylation
Yu Zhao, Jason Rodrigo, Aurpon W. Mitra, Amir H. Hoveyda, Marc L. Snapper
 Crosscoupling reactions of alkyl halides, H/D exchange of olefins and N-H activation
Jianrong Steve Zhou
 A Chemical Physicist seeks teaching and research position in an undergraduate institution that calls for experience and commitment to teaching
Johnson K Agbo
 Artificial enzymes: In silico design and QM/MM characterization
Anastassia N. Alexandrova, William L. Jorgensen, David Baker
 Dielectric functions for gold cluster thiolates
Marcos Alvarez, Joseph T. Khoury, T. Gregory Schaaff, Robert L. Whetten
 Dynamics of molecular systems: (1) Vibrational energies from ab initio semiclassical dynamics; (2) Proton conduction in nanoconfined polymer electrolyte membranes for fuel cells
Sule Atahan
 Application of coarse-grained simulation techniques to ion channel kinetics
Mary H. Cheng, Rob D. Coalson
 Ionization mechanisms and pathways in liquid water
Christopher G. Elles, Robert A. Crowell, Ilya A. Shkrob, Stephen E. Bradforth
 Pseudo-steady state kinetic model of laccase-catalyzed oxidation of aqueous phenol
Selvia Kurniawati, James A. Nicell
 Revealing the nature of solvation via cluster-ion techniques
Laura R. McCunn, Joseph R. Roscioli, Jeffrey M. Headrick, Mark A. Johnson
 Moving toward a better understanding of chemical reactions using fundamental quantum-chemistry concepts
Junia Melin
 The role of quantum coherence to energy transfer efficiency in molecular systems: Characterization, simulation, and control
Masoud Mohseni, Alán Aspuru-Guzik
 Understanding vibrational spectra of confined fluids
Christine M. Morales, Ward H. Thompson
 Electronic and optical properties of nanostructures: (1) Optics of biosensing nanostructures; (2) Non-local density functional theory
Ali Najmaie, John E. Sipe, Alán Aspuru-Guzik
 Theoretical studies in extracting essential features and dynamics of molecular motions by advanced mathematical methods of fiber bundles on topolgical spaces and other methods
Nima Panahi
 Novel energy conversion and storage materials and in situ spectroelectrochemical studies
Qingfang Shi
 Post-functionalization of polymer brushes for patternable nanoparticle adsorption
Steve Diamanti, Shafi Arifuzzaman, Andrea M. Elsen, Stephen Wargacki, Rajesh Naik, Jan Genzer, Richard Vaia
 Designing superoleophobic surfaces
Anish Tuteja, Wonjae Choi, Joseph M. Mabry, Gareth H. McKinley, Robert E. Cohen
 Designing biocompatible and activatable nanoscale carriers for bioactive agents
Adah Almutairi, Raffaella Rossin, Mikhail Berezin, Samuel Achilefu, Michael J Welch, Karen L. Wooley, Jean M. J. Fréchet
 Synthetic trivalent haptens that aggregate Anti-2,4-DNP IgG into complexes
Basar Bilgicer, Demetri T Moustakas, George M Whitesides
 Polymer monolayer dynamics
Chanjoong Kim
 Sequential formation of nanopores in thin films of block copolymer mixtures
Huiming Mao, Thomas P. Russell
 Synthesis and applications of polymeric materials
Mohammed J. Nasrullah

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