CHEDSunday, August 19, 2007

7:30 PM-9:30 PM BCEC -- Exhibit Hall - B2, Poster
General Posters
Organizer, Presiding:C. V. Gauthier
National Chemistry Day/Week: Highlights and successes from 20 years
Robert M. de Groot, Lynn Hogue, Tracy A. Halmi, Kara M. Allen
Twenty years of National Chemistry Week: Twenty years of volunteers
Paula G. Fox, C. V. Gauthier, A. Gregory Wall, C. Marvin Lang
Chemists celebrate Earth Day: 2007 report and 2008 preview
Andy Jorgensen, Marisa Burgener, Kara M. Allen
National Chemistry Week 2007: The many faces of chemistry
Tracy A. Halmi, Ruth A. Woodall, Al Ribes, Robert M. de Groot
Your new chemical education resource shelf
Harold H. Harris
20th Biennial Conference on Chemical Education
Kate Reck, Steven M. Wietstock, Regina Zibuck
Tribulations and jubilations initiating a chemistry club
Charles A. Smith
Today's Science for Tomorrow's Scientists: A web based tool to introduce current research in science and engineering into middle and high school classrooms
Caroline R. Pharr, John W Moore
Evaluation of an online professional development course: Nanoscience for teachers
Janice M. Hall Tomasik, John W. Moore
Teaching middle school students the concept of the cosolvent using colorful chemistry and molecular modeling
J. Martin E. Quirke, Jonny C. K. Quirke
Teaching school children about mixing colors using a reversible color change experiment
J. Martin E. Quirke, Jonny C. K. Quirke, Joshua B. Alweiss
Using a colorful, 10-minute demonstration to illustrate thermodynamic vs. kinetic control
J. Martin E. Quirke, Daher R. Hajje
Improved student retention and timely graduation via “Plus Two” peer-led team learning
Yoon J. Kim, James E. Becvar
Online pre-lecture quiz design for student learning optimization in a one-semester non-majors general chemistry course
Sumie Shima, Tyson A. Miller
Online assessment in general chemistry
Carlos M. Torres
Analysis of initial placement test results and enrollment in honors general chemistry on chemistry major graduates
Karen E. Stevens
Facilitating student preparation for exams in general chemistry
Daniel B. King
Undergraduate students' beliefs about the nature of matter
Mary B. Nakhleh, Jessica K Weller
Match and Flip Puzzle – for the teaching of fatty-acid-containing lipids
Beatrix Büdy
Inquiry-based laboratory instruction by minijournal format materials
Ningfeng Zhao, Francis Schmidt
Research in the first year laboratory
Alora Carrier, James Ford, Gail Marie Willette
Nanoparticle uptake by cut flowers: A laboratory demonstration
Kevin M. Metz, Kyle H. Pedersen, Robert J. Hamers, Joel A. Pedersen
Incorporating nanoscience into first two years of chemistry laboratory curricula
Ping Y. Furlan
Guided-inquiry exercises in the beginning organic laboratory course to promote student comprehension of the molecular world
John A. Cramer
Was it murder? A case study for an organic chemistry laboratory
Michelle A Boucher, Kimberly M. Specht
An information-rich experiment in organic chemistry for chemistry majors: Synthesis of 1-(halobenzyl)-4-(halophenoxy)methyl triazoles
Robert N. Hanson, Ian Kendrick, Danielle Falcone, John Bottomy, Graham Jones
Using study logs to promote learning in organic chemistry
Melinda L. Greer
Teaching professional writing in organic chemistry lab courses
Peter J. Alaimo, Joseph M. Langenhan, Jennifer Loertscher
Analysis of ascorbic acid
William E. Adams, Sean R. Marcsisin, Oanh Ngo
Acylation of ferrocene: A greener approach
Kurt R. Birdwhistell, Andy Nguyen, Robert Kobelja
Introducing ecotoxicity to the chemistry laboratory curriculum: Studying green chemistry principles by measuring ecotoxicity using Escherichi coli
Andrew R. Luhrs, Dwight J. Tshudy
Incorporating green chemistry into an analytical chemistry curriculum: II. Laboratory development and implementation
Paul T. Jackson, Julia A. Brown, Lauren M. Kunz, Matthew J. Germscheid
Scanning electron microscopy analysis of archaeological materials: An interdisciplinary project for first-year students
Maria L. Parr, Ann H. Lehman, Adam D. Hill, Ashley C. O'Neal
Emission quantum yield determinations: Use of a standard linear relationship
D. Paul Rillema, Robert Kirgan
Integrating statistical mechanics with experimental data from the rotational-vibrational spectrum of HCl into the physical chemistry laboratory
Bret R. Findley, Steven E. Mylon
Developing an ongoing service-learning program through environmental chemistry
Robert L. Cook, John Lappin, Elzbieta Cook
Chemical safety teams: An approach for teaching laboratory safety
Joseph M. Langenhan, Peter J. Alaimo, Martha Tanner
A research seminar course to support undergraduate research at Bridgewater State College
Stephen A. Waratuke
Primo Levi's The Periodic Table: A tool for teaching descriptive inorganic chemistry
Joy M. Heising
IONiC: Interactive online network of inorganic chemists
Hilary J. Eppley, Margret J. Geselbracht, Adam R. Johnson, Barbara A. Reisner, Burke Scott Williams
Simultaneous assessment of students and courses through outcome mastery data
Holly Debolt, Andreas Baur, Erica L. Harvey
AstraZeneca careers in chemistry day, an undergraduate education tool for the exploration of drug discovery
Tiffany Hoerter, Russ C Mauger, Dean G. Brown, Thalia Daniels, Lindsay Hinkley, Valerie Hoesch, Jennifer Krumrine, Reed Smith, Steven Wesolowski
Eggciting! The isolation of porphyrins from brown egg shells and their detection by luminescence
Michelle L. Dean, Tyson A. Miller, Christian Brückner
New advances in supercritical fluid extraction: Analysis of fats and natural product process development
Kenneth J. James
Study of the matrix effects of two types of soils (kaolin and montmorillonite) on the electrokinetic remediation
Xiaocheng Lu, Xingfa Huang, Jiongjia Cheng, Zheng Zheng, Shuping Bi
Bioinformatics approach to evaluate structure/function relationship and evolutionary aspects of proteins: Comparison of hen egg white lysozyme C and HSLLP1
Kevin A Lenkart, Sharada T Buddha
Evaluation of carbohydrate levels in sweet sorghum for biofuels production in Oklahoma
Heather Marshall, Jeff Hill, Michael Pilkington, Kati Ducker, Nancy L. Paiva
Improved stability of fluorinated chloramphenicol acetyltransferase by a single-isoleucine mutation
Man Xia Lee, Natalya Voloshchuk, Jin Kim Montclare
Studies on the protein-substrate hydrophobic interactions of the retinoid binding proteins
Farideddin Nossoni, Chrysoula Vasileiou, Kin Sing Stephen Lee, Babak Borhan
New method of synthesis for the substituted aromatic di-carbonyl pigments
Saeid Khatirinejad-fard, Mehdi Khanlou

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The 234th ACS National Meeting, Boston, MA, August 19-23, 2007