Thermochemical conversion: A dual tool for bio-oil production and a solution to environmental waste disposal


Foster A. Agblevor, fagblevo@vt.edu1, Sedat Beis1, Seung-Soo Kim,, Ryan Tarrant1, and Ofei Mante1. (1) Department of Biological Systems Engineering, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, 213 Seitz Hall, Blacksburg, VA 24061, (2) Department of Chemical Engineering, Kangwon National University, 1 Joongang-ro, Samcheok, Gangwon-do, 245-711, South Korea
The safe and economical disposal of poultry litter is becoming a major problem for the USA poultry industry. Current disposal methods such as land application and feeding to cattle are now under pressure because of pollution of water resources due to leaching and runoffs and concern for mad cow disease contamination of the food chain. The goal of this project is to develop transportable pyrolysis units to process the waste from growers within one locality. Poultry litters from broiler chicken,and turkey, and bedding material were converted into bio-oils in a fast pyrolysis fluidized bed reactor. The bio-oil yields ranged from 30 wt% to 50 wt% depending on the age and bedding content of the litter. The bedding material which was mostly hardwood shavings had bio-oil yield was as high as 62 wt%. The higher heating value (HHV) of the poultry litter bio-oils ranged from 26 MJ/kg to 29 MJ/kg whiles that of the bedding material was only 24 MJ/kg. The oils had relatively high nitrogen content ranging from 4 wt% to 7 wt%, very low sulfur content that was below 1wt% and the oils were very viscous. The char yield ranged from 30 wt% to 50 wt% depending on the source, age and composition of the poultry litter. The char had high ash content ranging from 30 to 60 wt% depending on the age and source of litter.

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