Advancing the sensitivity, quality, and throughput of mass spectrometry measurements for highly complex biological mixtures

ANYL 352

Richard D. Smith,, Keqi Tang, Mikhail E. Belov, Jason S. Page,, Ryan T. Kelly, and Ioan Marginean. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, P.O. Box 999 (K8-98), 3335 Q. Ave., Richland, WA 99352
This presentation will describe developments enabling mass spectrometric (MS) measurements that are increasingly comprehensive and of higher throughput based upon advances in high speed nanoscale separations and other instrumentation advances. The presentation will highlight advances in both high speed separations and the combination with advances in the sensitivity of accurate MS measurements. The approaches being developed bring together advances in fast ion mobility separations feasible on millisecond timescales, more effective and sensitive electrospray ionization (e.g. using electrospray multi-nanoemitter arrays), and more efficient MS interface designs (based upon improved versions of the electrodynamic ion funnel). The measurements feasible based upon these advances will be evaluated and demonstrated in the contexts of their initial proteomics applications (i.e. the broad characterization of proteins).