Blended learning in general chemistry, part I: Redesigning a course based on pedagogical literature

CHED 389

Ike Shibley,, Penn State Berks College, Tulpehocken Road, Reading, PA 19610 and Katie E. Amaral,, Division of Science, Penn State Berks, Reading, PA 19610-6009.
General Chemistry at the Berks College has one of the highest failure percentages of any course taught at the college. A substantial redesign of the course was initiated in an attempt to enhance student learning in the course. A blended approach was used by utilizing the University-wide classroom management platform called ANGEL. The course was designed to make students responsible for initial contact with the information via pre-class assignments and pre-class Powerpoint presentations. Students were required to spend more time on task outside of the classroom by instituting weekly quizzes that required approximately forty-five minutes to complete. Because students were expected to learn more lower-order content outside of class, the classroom time was used for collaborative work rather than lecture.