COLLWednesday, March 28, 2007

2:00 PM-5:20 PM McCormick Place South -- Room S404A, Level 4, Oral
Biological Surface Chemistry
Fluidics, Patterning, and Biofilms
Organizers:Paul S. Cremer
Gang-yu Liu
2:00 PMMicrofluidic tools to probe the spatiotemporal dynamics of complex biological networks
Rustem F. Ismagilov, Christian Kastrup, Matthew Runyon, Feng Shen
2:35 PMDevelopment of self-assembled monolayer-based cell culture platforms for tissue engineering
Rajenndra Aithal
2:50 PMFormation of size-controlled protein crystals in microwell arrays
Liying Wang, Jeremy Barton, Min Hyung Lee, Laura Hughes, Teri W. Odom
3:05 PMSelf-assembled monolayer based cell culture platforms for tissue engineering
Rajendra K. Aithal, Deepak P. Kumaraswamy, Varun Shanigaram, Amber T. Doss, Christa Watson, David K. Mills, Debasish Kuila
3:20 PMNanoscale patterning of arginine-glycine-aspartate (RGD) cell adhesion ligands to understand cell adhesion at molecular level
Toan Huynh, Nathaniel Huebsch, David J. Mooney, Chengzhi Cai
3:35 PMResistance of cellular adhesion to modified SS316L substrates
Ellen S. Gawalt, Aparna Raman, Kelly A. Pappariella
3:50 PMSpontaneous DNA pattern formation via confinement and evaporation
Lu Zhang, Siddharth Maheshwari, Hsueh-Chia Chang, Y. Elaine Zhu
4:05 PMBiocompatibility of microcapsules: An in vitro investigation of a potential novel drug delivery system
Zhihua An, Megan Choy, Laura Kaufman
4:20 PMStudy of bacteria adhesion onto carbohydrate-presenting surfaces
Guoting Qin, Wen Zhang, Amit Kumar, Chengzhi Cai
4:35 PMStudying integrin-extracellular matrix interactions using self-assembled monolayers
Jessica L. Case, Milan Mrksich
4:50 PMSurface modifications by covalent printing
Dorota I. Rozkiewicz, Bart Jan Ravoo, D. N. Reinhoudt
5:05 PMUsing quantitative force measurements to examine chemical and biophysical changes at a native bacterial surface
Megan A. Ferguson, Eileen M. Spain

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