INORMonday, March 26, 2007

1:30 PM-6:15 PM McCormick Place East -- Room E270, Level 2, Oral
Catalysis Relevant to Energy and Sustainability
Organizer:T. Don Tilley
Presiding:Heinz M. Frei
1:30 PMHydrogenases as catalysts for renewable hydrogen production
ML. Ghirardi
2:00 PMChemistry and iron-only hydrogenase
Christopher J Pickett
2:30 PMHydrogenases: Electrocatalysis, reactions and inspiration
Fraser Armstrong
3:00 PMSynthetic iron hydrogenase active site mimics as homogenous proton reduction catalysts
Sascha Ott
3:30 PMBiomimetics of the 2Fe2S subsite of the [FeFe]Hydrogenase H cluster containing redox active ligands
Marcetta Y. Darensbourg, Christine W. Thomas, Olaf Rudinger, Kayla N. Green, Tian Biao Liu, Jesse W. Tye, Michael B. Hall
4:00 PMIntermission
4:15 PMInorganic chemistry and the puzzle of the Fe-only hydrogenases
Thomas B. Rauchfuss, Aaron K. Justice, Jane L. Stanley
4:45 PMThe role of the second coordination sphere in hydrogen oxidation catalyzed by nickel complexes
Mary Rakowski DuBois, Daniel L. DuBois, A. D. Wilson, Richard K. Shoemaker, J. T. Muckerman
5:15 PMBioinspired chemistry of energy consequence: First- and second-sphere coordination approaches
Christopher J. Chang, W. Hill Harman, Han Sen Soo
5:45 PMElectrocatalytic hydrogen evolution at positive potentials
Jonas C Peters, Xile Hu, Bruce S. Brunschwig

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