CHEDSunday, March 25, 2007

1:30 PM-4:35 PM McCormick Place North -- Room N227B, Level 2, Oral
Nanotechnology in Undergraduate Education
Incorporating Nanoscale Science into Undergraduate Courses
Organizer, Presiding:Kimberly A. O. Pacheco
1:30 PMIntroductory Remarks
Paper Withdrawn
1:35 PMDevelopment of a nanomaterials one week intersession course at NKU
Heather A. Bullen, Keith A. Walters
1:55 PMIntegration of nanoscale science and technology into undergraduate curricula
Suri S. Iyer, John Bickle, Thomas Mantei, Ian Papautsky, Mark Schulz, Vesselin Shanov, Leigh Smith, Andrew Steckl
2:15 PMIntermission
2:25 PMIntegration of nanoscience into the undergraduate curriculum: From fabrication to practical applications of nanodevices
Nicholas J. Pinto
2:45 PMIntroducing nano and society issues into the undergraduate and graduate classrooms
Wendy C. Crone, Greta M. Zenner, Clark A. Miller, Karin D. Ellison, Charles Tahan, Ricky Leung
3:05 PMNanotechnology research-based courses for freshmen and sophomores
Teri W. Odom
3:25 PMIntermission
3:35 PMNanotechnology class: Principles that reinforce scientific concepts and concepts that involve students
Dale Teeters
3:55 PMNanotechnology undergraduate education: An active learning experience for undergraduates
Edmy Ferrer, Lidiany Gonzalez, Miguel E. Castro
4:15 PMThinking small: Activities to promote visualization at the nanoscale
Dean H. Johnston

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Symposium Grid -- Nanotechnology -- Session Listing

The 233rd ACS National Meeting, Chicago, IL, March 25-29, 2007