CHEDTuesday, March 27, 2007

1:30 PM-4:45 PM McCormick Place North -- Room N230A, Level 2, Oral
Exploring and Exploiting Nature with Biomimetics
Molecular Recognition and Drug Delivery
Organizer, Presiding:Soumya Mitra
1:30 PMIntroductory Remarks
1:35 PMBiomimetic design of intracellular drug carriers
Allan S. Hoffman, Patrick S. Stayton
2:00 PMBiomimetic environments for cells: Chemical approaches to controlling human embryonic stem cell fates
Laura L. Kiessling
2:25 PMMimicking and expanding biological assembly and function
Dirk Trauner
2:50 PMIntermission
3:00 PMInner space of molecules
Julius Rebek Jr.
3:25 PMParsing the specificity-activity relationship in transcriptional regulation
Anna K. Mapp
3:50 PMNature as a teacher: New drug leads, drug delivery systems, and real time in vivo imaging methods
Paul A. Wender
4:15 PMNatural products: From practical chemical synthesis to elucidation of the cellular mode of action
Sergey A. Kozmin
4:40 PMConcluding Remarks

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The 233rd ACS National Meeting, Chicago, IL, March 25-29, 2007