PHYSWednesday, March 28, 2007

1:20 PM-5:20 PM McCormick Place South -- Room S401A, Level 4, Oral
Implications and Applications of Chirality in Physical Chemistry
Chiral Surfaces and Structures
Organizers:T. Daniel Crawford
Patrick H. Vaccaro
Kenneth B. Wiberg
Presiding:Natalie M. Cann
1:20 PMRaising flags: Chemical marker group STM probes of self-assembly and chirality at liquid-solid and vacuum-solid interfaces
George W. Flynn
2:00 PMEnantiospecific adsorption in chiral gold nanoclusters
Ignacio L. Garzón, Xóchitl López-Lozano, Luis A. Pérez
2:20 PMOptical rotation and circular extinction in single crystals, mixed crystals, and polycrystals
Bart Kahr
3:00 PMIntermission
3:20 PMTheoretical studies of chiral adsorption on flat and chiral metal surfaces
David Sholl, Bhawna Bhatia, Joanna N James
4:00 PMOptical circular dichroism of bare and passivated Au chiral nanoclusters
Cecilia Noguez, Ariadna Sánchez-Castillo, Francisco J. Hidalgo, Olivia Pulci, Rodolfo Del Sole, Ignacio L. Garzón
4:20 PMChelation-enhanced circular dichroism as a tool to study stereodynamic molecules in solution
James W. Canary
5:00 PMDynamic chiroptical inversion of metallo-peptide complex upon achiral nitrate anion
Hiroyuki Miyake, Hiroshi Kamon, Hideki Sugimoto, Hiroshi Tsukube

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