PHYSWednesday, March 28, 2007

8:20 AM-11:40 AM McCormick Place South -- Room S406A, Level 4, Oral
Dynamics on the Nanoscale
Carbon Nanotubes
Organizer:Oleg V. Prezhdo
Organizer, Presiding:Philip J. Reid
8:20 AMSingle carbon nanotube photonics and the role of excitons
Todd D. Krauss, Libai Huang, Lisa J. Carlson
9:00 AMHeat conduction in molecular junctions: A unified approach
Michael Galperin, Abraham Nitzan, Mark A. Ratner
9:20 AMPhotoexcitation dynamics in chiral enriched single wall carbon nanotubes
Guglielmo Lanzani
10:00 AMExciton dynamics in carbon nanotubes and nanotube aggregates
Tobias Hertel, Jared Crochet, Zipeng Zhu, Michael Arnold, Mark C. Hersam
10:40 AMSWCNT based nanostructured hybrid assemblies for next generation solar cells
Prashant V. Kamat, Felix Vietmeyer, Anusorn Kongkanand
11:00 AMTheoretical study of photoexcited dynamics in conjugated polymers and carbon nanotubes
Sergei Tretiak

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The 233rd ACS National Meeting, Chicago, IL, March 25-29, 2007