AGROMonday, March 26, 2007

1:35 PM-5:25 PM McCormick Place East -- Room E265, Level 2, Oral
Glyphosate-Resistant Crops and Weeds: Present and Future
Health and Environmental Aspects of Glyphosate-Resistant Crops
Organizer:Stephen Powles
Organizer, Presiding:Stephen O. Duke
1:35 PMIntroductory Remarks
1:40 PMPollen vs. seed movement: Gene migration from glyphosate-resistant crops
Carol A. Mallory-Smith
2:10 PMFate of glyphosate in soil and the possibility of leaching to ground and surface waters
Ole K. Borggaard, Anne Louise Gimsing
2:40 PMSafety assessment of GR genes in food and feed
William F. Heydens
3:10 PMIntermission
3:25 PMAssessing the environmental consequences of glyphosate-resistant weeds in the US
Gerald C. Nelson, Justin G. Gardner, David S. Bullock
3:55 PMComparison of environmental effects of glyphosate-resistant crops vs. what they replace in Europe
Gijs A. Kleter
4:25 PMGlyphosate and hormesis: Environmental implications
Edivaldo Domingues Velini, Elza Alves, Maria Carolina Godoy, Dana Katia Meschede, Stephen O. Duke
4:55 PMPanel Discussion

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