CHEDMonday, March 26, 2007

1:30 PM-4:05 PM McCormick Place North -- Room N227A, Level 2, Oral
Research in Chemical Education
Research on Guided Inquiry and Miscellaneous
Organizer:Douglas Mulford
Organizer, Presiding:William J. F. Hunter
1:30 PMIntroductory Remarks
1:35 PMTeacher and student reflections on using guided inquiry to teach high school chemistry
Rebecca A. Krystyniak, Angy Stacy
1:55 PMA rubric to characterize inquiry in the undergraduate chemistry laboratory
Michael E. Fay, Marcy Towns, Stacey Lowery Bretz
2:15 PMStudent learning in the context of incremental change in a general chemistry laboratory curriculum
Kristen L. Cacciatore, Hannah Sevian
2:35 PMIntermission
2:45 PMIn-lecture guided inquiry for large organic chemistry classes
Angela L. Sauers, Richard W. Morrison
3:05 PM"I could see myself as a chemist": A case study on the science identity formation of nine Mexican American girls in high school chemistry
Renee P. Beeton, Genie Canales, Loretta L. Jones
3:25 PMPreparing chemists to excel: Design, implementation, and evaluation of a fourth-year laboratory course constructivist learning environment
Luis A. Avila Diaz, Leonard W Fine
3:45 PMBeliefs and practices of general chemistry students and faculty members regarding knowledge transfer
Amy F. Johnson, George M. Bodner

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