CHEDMonday, March 26, 2007

8:30 AM-11:55 AM McCormick Place North -- Room N227A, Level 2, Oral
Research in Chemical Education
Cognition and Prediction Research
Organizer:William J. F. Hunter
Organizer, Presiding:Douglas Mulford
8:30 AMIntroductory Remarks
8:35 AMReflections on conceptual change: Views from counseling psychology and organic chemistry
Gautam Bhattacharyya
8:55 AMStudents' categorizations of organic compounds
Daniel S. Domin
9:15 AMImpact of metacognitive instruction on chemistry problem solving skills
Santiago Sandi-Urena, Melanie M. Cooper
9:35 AMIntermission
9:45 AMUsing cognitive load theory to examine word problem complexity
John S. Kirk, Norbert J Pienta
10:05 AMMetarepresentational competence of organic chemistry students
Daniel S. Domin
10:25 AMA study of the relationship between ability to use higher-order thinking skills and coherence in particulate-level models across contexts
Kereen Monteyne, Giovanni Avila, Emily Lomont
10:45 AMIntermission
10:55 AMPredicting student success in general chemistry: A multivariate approach
Kent A. Chambers, Bob Blake
11:15 AMAnalysis of a math diagnostic to help predict introductory chemistry success
Christopher Alan Morse
11:35 AMStudent outcomes from a combined math and chemistry program: Ten year data
Jeong H. Hwang, Donald J. Wink, Sharon F. Gislason

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